Is At Risk.

Stand up for equal access to financial advice.

Join other Canadians to ensure access to quality financial advice.

Canadians need professional
financial advice they can trust.

We cannot afford to put our futures at risk.
Financial advisors matter.

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Key Facts:

93% of Canadians say they trust their financial advisor and agree having a professional advisor helps them feel financially secure

76% of Canadians believe they are better off financially through working with their advisor

Working with a financial advisor increases the value of assets by almost 4 times more than those who do not use an advisor

88% of Canadians believe the government should leave the choice of how they do business with their financial advisor up to them

All Canadians - regardless of their income or where they live -
should have access to quality financial advice that they can afford.

Read their stories.

Rhonda - Lumby, BC

The first few months were a blur, but having someone on my side really saved me. I couldn’t have gotten through it without him.

William - Ottawa, ON

My advisor ensured that I understood the options and financial impacts of my early retirement, making me confident that my financial affairs were in good hands. I know I can count on my advisor.

Dean - Saskatoon, SK

Everyone deserves to have access to financial advice. I’ve been a financial advisor for over 25 years and I do it because I know that I make a difference in people’s lives.

Vulnerable Canadians may lose access to affordable, quality financial advice.
We have a plan to protect equal access.

Take action now to support
equal access for all.

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