Step-by-Step Instructions for Letters of Support

Inviting your contacts to join the Financial Advice for All Campaign and send their own letter of support is easy. We've put together a step-by-step guide you can share to help spread the word.

Step 1:

Visit to begin the process. 

Enter your name and email address on the signup page and hit the Submit button. When you register, you'll be automatically directed to the letter writing campaign tool. 

Step 2:

Find your local politician.

Enter your postal code into the postal code field and hit the "Find Politician" button. It will automatically select the correct politician your letter will be sent to.

Step 3:

Customize your letter (optional).

We've prepared a pre-written letter for you to send. You can customize your letter to outline your personal concerns by using the text editor. Your changes will be automatically saved.

Step 4:

Send your letter. Make your voice heard.

When you're ready, simply hit the 'Send' button. Your email will be sent to your local politician, and be copied to the appropriate Minister in your province. You will be sent a confirmation email to the address you used to register.

Ready to send your letter?

Click here to begin